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How to avoid every YouTubers worst fear

All too often on YouTube you see channels suddenly explode before flatlining and gradually losing their viewerbase. Every YouTuber dreams of suddenly hitting it big and watching their channel grow rapidly but few are ready for what comes next.

The truth is overnight success could be your downfall. THE RETENTION TRAP

Everyone knows that high retention, CTR and user engagement can boost your position in the algorithm and garner your content more impressions. You can leverage this to create a positive feedback loop that continuously expands the reach of your videos but this can cause serious problems if not handled correctly.

The issue with these breakout concepts is that they cause a sudden spike in the expectations the algorithm has for your content and often it is difficult to reliably recreate the circumstances that lead to this point.

When the algorithm detects that your content isn’t meeting these expectations it begins to limit the reach of future videos as it sees them as having poor levels of viewer satisfaction.

This can very quickly lead to the rapid decline of your content's performance if you do not make adjustments swiftly but this can also be a problem for YouTubers who have had a substantial audience for a long time.

As you build your audience you also begin to dig into a specific niche. Over time this can become stale and grow out of fashion which can lead to viewer decline and result in a similar downtrend in your content's performance.

The only way to avoid this is to continuously review your content's performance and understand the expectations of your viewers. To survive on YouTube you need to make constant adjustments to your approach to content and remain in touch with your audience.

If a concept you post performs well, keep delivering more of what viewers find engaging. Once you begin to notice dips in viewership you need to readjust your content accordingly. Not doing so will lead to the death of your channel.

Want to avoid experiencing the YouTube death spiral? Get in touch today and let's build a bullet proof strategy for your channel.

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