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Building a Team For Your Content Production

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Running a YouTube channel is extremely taxing. If you want to succeed on the platform you need to build a strong team and delegate tasks effectively. Here is everything you need to dominate on YouTube. As you start to invest more time and energy into your channel you will quickly realise that there are tasks that you simply cannot handle on your own. As the responsibilities begin to pile up it can feel overwhelming and you will need to get help to fill gaps in your expertise. To save yourself countless hours you should delegate heavy and intensive workloads first. Prioritise hiring: At least one video editor. Thumbnail/graphic designer. Dedicated channel manager. This will cut your workload significantly and improve the packaging of your content. Hiring these roles will not only save you countless hours but also allow you to leverage the expertise of the people you hire to improve the quality and performance of your content. BUT... This is the barebones minimum you need to keep things running smoothly. If you are really looking to boost the efficiency and performance of your channel then you should hire these specialised roles: YouTube strategist. Scriptwriter/Producer. PR manager. Hiring these roles will give you insight into topics that require years of study and practise and will make coordinating your projects far more efficient. These are must haves if you are looking to elevate and add a wealth of knowledge to your team. So you know who to hire but how do you go about finding the right fit for you? Assessing candidates is a lengthy and tedious process with lots of room for error (trust me we know), but over the years we have put together a team of some of the best and brightest in the industry. Get in touch today and save yourself the hassle.

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