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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Videos

Struggling to get views on YouTube? Growing your channel might be easier than you think. Here’s how to add value to your videos to get more viewers and keep them coming back for more. 1. Develop an on screen persona. As simple as this sounds, it is actually a very complex matter that requires a deep exploration and understanding of your character and the audience it appeals to. The likeability of your on screen persona can make or break your channel.

2. Offer something unique. Over 3,700,000 videos are uploaded to YouTube EVERY DAY, why should someone watch yours? What does your content offer that can’t already be found elsewhere?

3. Leave an impression. The best content on YouTube leaves viewers with something that they can share with the world, be that a new skill, knowledge or a story that provides value to others. Make your content memorable by giving viewers something useful that sticks with them.

4. Make content for people not an algorithm. Whilst optimising for the algorithm can yield incredible results you are ultimately making content to be enjoyed by humans. Instead of focusing on trends and data, think more about the people who are going to watch your content and what they will get out of the experience.

5. Develop your concept before you start producing content. With all of this in mind, think carefully about what it is you want to create and why. Who is your content for, what value does it provide and how will you present it? Before you begin filming your content you should have a thumbnail and title in mind with a solid basis for why you think it will be successful.

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